The wind continued to carry with it the leaves, the flowers and with the flowers the brushwood, the sounds, the memories, the colors, the shadows, the moods of the people. Everything was moving, vibrating, everything seemed to want to come on stage to be painted around the people.

Enzo Archetti SUNRISE SUNSET and then SUNRISE again – December 2011 written It is the great scenography of the world. Everyone then claimed to have an important, very important part to play: there were the trees that wanted to enrich the paths, the sea that advanced more and more blue, the hill that stretched out like a limit, the sky that repeated that it always had to be present and everywhere, the same leaves blown by the wind felt annoyed because they were unable to be protagonists... and then you glimpsed down there gusts of colour, gold, light which as they approached took on indistinct shapes but full of feelings.

Rust even rejoiced with joy because not only could it be the backdrop to a light figure dressed in pink, but it could become a barrier in the foreground to highlight the gold and green behind her.
The most satisfied were undoubtedly the glitter, the mirrors, the pure gold, the fine silver because they had the power to transform the real into the surreal, the gray into light. There were those who pushed and those who claimed to have priority like the kites, the drops of water, the night, the pan flute, the air, the dust, the cobwebs and there were also those who had stopped for a long time and he was absolutely unable to emerge, to make himself heard and respected: he was thus pushed away into silence and abandonment by bold colors and freer shapes. But surely all the excluded, sooner or later, will make themselves heard, will knock again and will have to be welcomed and satisfied. They are long shot visions, but also faces, glances projected onto paths. They are large eyes that reflect the blues of the sky, they are passages, stories, transparencies, distant destinations and many dreams. Dreams that unravel their threads capable of mending even the unexpected, travel notes left unfinished, suitcases that are no longer needed, walls that limit the infinity that is always further away.

And so people continue their journey, from dawn to dusk, on roads, paths, in houses, by the sea, in space, on hills, in thoughts and encounter blank pages that claim to be described with signs and layers of color.

Enzo Archetti (from “Travel Notes” – December 2011)