Having to talk about sensations, I made an appointment with a few colors: I needed yellow, orange, white, blue.
Perhaps infinity does not require many colours: it seems pure, clear, simple, great, immense, silent, mysterious, always however enigmatic.

Enzo Archetti INFINITY RAIN – January 2015 written Instead of the four colors with which I wanted to establish a dialogue, here you are immediately surrounded by a hundred thousand other colors, standing there motionless looking at you, almost begging you to dip the brush on them too. And to think that I started this journey wanting to tell everything in just a few colours.

However, it is difficult not to agree with the half tones, the shadows, the reds that creep under layers of color.
And so space expands, infinity takes shape, drops fall: blue, they must certainly be blue, there is no other winning color, you can't be wrong. Immediately afterwards you hear: – “And who am I?” – It is the usual orange that sprays brightness and health everywhere and claims to have many beautiful characteristics to transform itself into a rain of infinity. No less impertinent yellow and also white with a soft but captivating voice claims that it could render infinity better than blue. Let's not talk about the purple that seemed to have been put aside, and instead, in this situation, it makes itself felt with an energy that it kept hidden I don't know where.

Patience! These are needs to keep in mind, we will listen better to the motivations of all colours, because what at the beginning seemed natural is now no longer so: the actors who entered the scene with a straight leg have changed, like black who would forcefully claim to want to become the prima donna and knowing how to transform into a cascade of infinity.

– For now, keep quiet, I don't know if your time will come too! However, infinity allows the mind to rest, to lose itself, to rise up.

Enzo Archetti (from “Travel Notes” January 2015)