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Enzo Archetti Personal exhibitions

After the first exhibition in Brescia in 1973, numerous personal exhibitions followed in Italy and abroad. Particular success was achieved in Japan in Tokyo in 1991 presented by the Forni Gallery in Bologna, in 2004 at the Modern Art Museum in Kuwait City and in 2011 in China, the East Gallery in Beijing, an exhibition organized by Artequadri. In 2014 the 200×150 cm work “Reflections of Infinity” was placed in the Event Center in Leobersdorf (Austria). In 2017 he created the work “Madame la France” measuring 307×190 cm for the Pokrovsky Center in Yekaterinburg (Russia).


1973 Brescia, “La Loggetta” Gallery
1976 Brescia, “UCAI” Gallery
1980 Iseo, “La Tela” Gallery
1981 Montecampione (Brescia), “La Pleiade” Gallery Melegnano (Milan), “Broletto” Art Gallery
1982 Milan, Gallery “Velasquez”
1983 Brescia, “AAB” Museum Laboratory of Visual Arts
1984 Modena, “LA Muratori” Study Center
1987 Chiari (Brescia), “L'Incontro” Gallery
1989 Verona, “La Meridiana” Gallery
1991 Tokyo, Forni
Brusati (Brescia), Sala Civica Milan, “Sugarte” Gallery
1992 Brindisi, “Il Segno Contemporaneo” Cultural Art Center
1993 Squinzano (Lecce), “Galleria 992”
Verona, “La Meridiana” Gallery
1995 Brescia, Pieve di Urago Mella , “Works 1992-95”
1997 Brescia, Pieve di Urago Mella, “Sentiment and reason”
1999 Rimini, Hotel Gradisca, “Fellinian atmospheres”
2000 Lumezzane (Brescia), Torre Avogadro, “Towards the golden age”
2002 Brescia, Pieve di Urago Mella, “Sinfonie”
2003 Bergamo, Galleria Gelmini, “Sinfonie”
Osnago (Lecco), Galleria Concetti d'Arte “Sinfonie”
2004 Beirut, Academie Libanaisext
Kuwait City, Modern Art Museum
2007 Brescia, Libreria Tarantola, “Fragments of Infinity”
2009 Pescara, Galleria Arteitalia, “Riflessi”
Pescara, Teatro D'Annunzio, “Homage to Enzo Archetti”
2010 Monticelli Brusati (Brescia), Tenuta La Montina, “From fragments to reflections of infinity”
Paris, Carrousel du Louvre, Art Shopping
Brescia, Freccia Rossa, “Ventata d'oro”, installations
2011 Beijing, East Gallery, “Riflessi”
2012 Travagliato (Brescia), Dimensione Casa, “And people go”
Brindisi, Temporary First Gallery, “ And people go."
Beijing, Art Gallery, Itamila, “Reflections of Infinity”
2014 Bad Kissingen (Germany), Hunsthans Hassloch, Gallerie der modern “Reflections of Infinity”
2015 Marbella, Casino, “Tribute to Picasso, international art expo”
Malaga, Cac Mijas Museum
2016 Verona, Casa Mazzanti Caffè “Reflections of infinity”
S:Paolo (Bs) Municipal Hall, “Rain of infinity”
Iseo, Castello Oldofredi, “Barefoot, looking at Christo and Jeanne Claude”
Ibiza, Galleria Marta Torres
2018 Baf, Bergamo Art Fair with “Gli Angeli” Gallery
2019 Lumezzane, Torre Avogadro, “Contemporary”
Quinzano d'Oglio, former Chiesa delle Dimesse, “Come l’aria”


Bologna, Arte Fiera, 1987,1988,1989,1990,1991,1992,1993,1994,1995
Bari, Expo Arte, 1995, 1997,1999
Milan, Miart, 1996, 1998
Milan, Macef from 2002 to 2017
Milan, Fiera del Mobile, from 2005 to 2017
Beirut, Artemobili, 2002
Bergamo, Arte Fiera, 2004
Montichiari, Artexpo, 2004
Vicenza, Vicenza Arte, 1995
Padua, ExpoArte, 2000,2004
Tokyo, Expo Flora, 1990;
Tokyo, Seibu and Mitsukoshi Art section, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991,1992
Expo-Art Reproductions: New York, Sydney, London, Paris, Frankfurt, 1989, 1990, 1991,1992
Beirut, Artemobili in 2002.
Baf, Bergamo Arte Fiera, 2018,2019
In 2004 the Modern Art Museum of Kuwait City purchased one of his works.
In 2005 the “Art and Spirituality” Museum of Brescia welcomed the work “Cosmic Sky” into its collection.
Archetti has always been attracted by large canvases, capable of covering entire walls, it is a passion that led him to set up a large space with large supports for the creation of works of considerable size.
In this laboratory, he created: in 2005 “La vita che passa”, of 50 m2 located in a public place in Brescia;
in 2007 “La grande Parete”, 7.20 m x 7.30 m high, hosted in the hall of the “Centro delle Idee” in Pandino (Cremona);
in 2014 the 200×150 cm work “Reflections of Infinity” was placed in the Event Center of Leobersdorf (Austria);
in 2017 he created the work “Madame la France” measuring 307×190 cm for the Pokrovsky Center in Ekaterinburg (Russia).