…and there was still that thin, thin thread,
without beginning and without end
that made you look up.
That thread was a note, it was the musical note,
the best, the quietest,
the undisputed queen that did not accept compromises:
it emanated clear emotions that caressed your soul.

Thus, note after note, the SYMPHONY was formed.
Sinfonia is a leap into cadmium red,
ultramarine blue,
and black.
Symphonies are colors that chase each other, that overlap,
they are white clouds,

they are women who detach themselves from gold.
Symphonies are stories to tell.
They are falling leaves, they are light blue spheres,
they are the colors of the sky,
but also of the earth and the sea and the bottom of the sea.

Symphonies are also the grey, dull, calm tones,

the bitter silences, the voids, the nothing and everything.

The contrasts and absurdities are symphonies,
they are big blue eyes that seek the many lost things.
Symphonies are symmetrical paths of sand
that the wind has destroyed,
but they are also spiral paths
that the wind has not been able to destroy.

too beautiful,
too balanced
chromaticism Symphony is a Woman.
It is her oblique gaze that makes space between large hats
and goes beyond the limit of the painting.

And so that thin, slender thread, without beginning and without end
that makes you raise your eyes,
will continue to play its part,
intertwining with our feelings.

Enzo Archetti

This writing is the introduction to the “Symphonies” catalogue, September 2002.