That evening a nice group of colors gathered: there were too many things to discuss.
There was no legal majority, because as we know, colors multiply infinitely, but the most tenacious, the most decisive, those with the greatest personality were present, and all of them were there, even the smartest ones. Cadmium Red immediately proved to be the most restless, Yellow the most impulsive, Ultramarine Blue the most calm and solemn, Turquoise spied, Ocher stammered, Green never found the courage to intervene with adequate energy; among everyone, the burnt and natural sienna infiltrated, the Grey, very gray and the Pink continued to jump. The White did not speak, he listened silently and silently.

The most prominent personalities wanted every idea to have the upper hand.
The light Cadmium Red immediately allied itself with the dark, with the medium, with the Carmine and even with the Orange to dictate the law and always and everywhere be the protagonist. – “You can't, big head, enter the picture of infinity, it's not for you, forget it”.
– “It's impossible - all the reds retorted in chorus – every idea must be supported by our strong personality”.
The White didn't move, he remained silent and haughty, if he tried to speak they wouldn't let him finish the sentence, he sometimes managed to sneak in on the conversation but the other colors had a much, much higher pitched and peremptory tone of voice than his.

Blue decided to join Green and won decisively on the hill issue. It was also established that Yellow would never be able to stay in the painting on its own, it is by its nature too bright. Viola was even democratically forbidden to intervene and was allowed only one brushstroke per painting and with brush no. 2.

The Gold and Silver imposed themselves well: they controlled the reds, extinguished the yellows and sent the reflections without any restraint like a mirror in the sun.
There was a bit of confusion, yes there was a lot of it!

In this absence of a guideline, of a path, of a precise goal, White found himself charged with his primordial energy which had been dormant for a long time and became the master of the situation.
He felt proud, he was the sum of all colors, he had no difficulty in supporting the dilapidated walls, the silence, the emptiness, the infinite, the order. He looked at the Black with a benevolent air: -“If you want – he said – you can also write on me”.
Black laughed in his own way, but inside he was very pleased.
Black and White once again found themselves accomplices, they went back to the old days, they went back to the essence, to cleanliness, to interpreting the world with just two of them.

And so White truly felt with a capital B, also because it could candidly become Lime White, Titanium White, Lead White, Platinum White, shiny-matt-satin, even White on White.
He had found himself, almost without realizing it, to be the true leader of all colors including those who were absent. At least for now
AND in this period.

Enzo Archetti

I wrote this surreal story in a time when paintings were dominated by white.