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Enzo Archetti Biography

Enzo Archetti was born in Monticelli Brusati (Brescia) in 1946. He lives in Brescia.
He began to be interested in art during his years of secondary school and after obtaining his master's degree he continued his cultural education, graduating in Modern Literature. In the same period, and without interrupting his university studies, he attended drawing and etching courses for two years at the Carrara Academy in Bergamo, under the direction of Trento Longaretti.
As regards the use of color, it was a personal research as well as the fusion of different techniques.
Until 1990 he divided his time between artistic activity and teaching literary subjects in public schools in the province of Brescia.
He is married to Mariarosa, who inspired many of his works and contributed to strengthening his artistic contents.
In 1973 he entered the artistic panorama with the first exhibition in Brescia; in the immediately following years he exhibited in various Italian cities including Milan, Verona, Modena, Brindisi, Florence, Rome and in 1991 in Tokyo in the Forni Gallery. In the nineties what would become his artistic language took shape, determined by the fusion of different materials, such as canvases, gauzes, carpets, ropes, rusty iron plates, with figurative elements.
Collaborative relationships with Artequadri began in 2002 and will present Archetti's works in many Italian and foreign galleries.
In 2004 he exhibited at the Academie Libanaise in Beirut and in the same year one of his works entered the collection of the Modern Art Museum in Kuwait City.
For Archetti, painting is one of the most effective means of describing himself, others and the world.
At the beginning of his artistic activity, in the 70s, he painted the real, then, until the early nineties, he compared himself with the great artists of the past, in particular with Piero della Francesca and subsequently combined his figurative with the informal keeping the female figure with cobalt blue eyes as the dominant element. Archetti has always been attracted by large canvases, capable of covering entire walls, it is a passion that led him to set up a space with large supports for the creation of works of considerable size. In this laboratory studio he created: in 2005 "La vita che passa" of 50 m2 located in a public place in Brescia and in 2007 "La grande Parete" of 7.20 m x 7.30 m high, housed in the hall of the " Center of Ideas” in Pandino (Cremona).
In 2006 he published an artist's book "Frammenti d'infinto" with the publisher Serra Tarantola: it is an illustrated story with 44 pictorial works which develops like a large painting of over 100 pages in which Archetti tries to decipher the Infinite.
Since 2009, collaborative relationships have begun with galleries in Germany, including: Galerie Wehr-Dusseldorf, Galerie Rusch-Hamburg, Galerie Bilder Bingold-Nuremberg, Galerie Kaphammel-Braunschweig.
In 2011 he held a solo exhibition in the East Castle Gallery in Beijing.
In 2012 he published a new book "And people go": in this collection of paintings, alternating with writings and two short stories, humanity is seen traveling towards distant destinations amid unexpected events, lights and shadows.
In 2013 he published “Signs that tell dreams”: a journey into the informal.
In 2015 collaborations and exhibitions began in Spain, in galleries and public spaces.
In the same year he published “Dreams on paper” in which papers are inebriated with art and art helps to… travel. In 2017 he published “Pioggia d'finizione”: a collection that allows the mind to rest, to get lost, to lift itself up.
In 2019 he inaugurated the new studio in via Veneto in Brescia.